Our Vision

This represents the output from our parish Vision Day which was held on May 28th, 2016.  It was used to guide the Wardens and Lay Members of Synod as prepared the Parish Descriptive Summary.

Gifted, Called, Equipped and Sent
A Vision for
St. Stephen’s Anglican Church, Ottawa

As a community of Christ’s apostles, we are:


For a gift to be a gift it must first be accepted as such.  We need encouragement to accept others and ourselves as “gifts” of God through a welcoming and inclusive community firmly rooted in the Gospel of Christ.  We need to be challenged to discern our gifts and those of others so that we can faithfully share our Christian faith.  We accomplish this through:

  • Welcoming, inclusive, optimistic and flexible worship time
  • Child-friendly worship time
  • Bible based teaching
  • Deliberate gift discernment process
  • The leadership of our priest(s) in a team ministry context


Having identified our potential gifts we need to understand the call of the Gospel.  We need to be challenged to know and live the Word in all that we do.  We need to clearly understand why we are doing what we are doing.  We need to differentiate ourselves from secular organizations.  We do this through a team ministry of:

  • Absolute commitment to Jesus in all that we do
  • Relating the Gospel to today’s world and challenging everyone to live it in all that they do
  • Celebrating our faith through dynamic, Spirit-led worship, music and preaching
  • Leading by example through community outreach both locally and internationally.   Currently this includes:
    • Local community formerly served by Ottawa West End Community Chaplaincy
    • Pastoral Care to hospitals and Seniors Residences
    • Identifying gaps in social services and addressing them as we can
    • Refuge NOW
    • Big Give
    • Algonquin College Chaplaincy
    • Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund
  • Ongoing discernment is necessary to identify the best ways of serving a changing community.


Having recognized our gift(s) and the call we now need to be equipped to be effective apostles of Christ through:

  • Learning the Gospel as it relates to our lives in today’s secular world so as to build the core of our church community.
    • Through Spirit-led, Bible-based, relevant preaching and teaching
    • Through the formation of core groups for Bible study
    • Through targeted education programs for children, youth and adults (all ages and stages)
    • Participating in National, Diocesan and Deanery based educational events
  • Using effective stewardship of our precious time and resources.
    • Coordinated planning of all activities well in advance
    • Sharing of resources (human and physical) at the Deanery level
      • Youth Ministry might be more effective this way
      • A shared Christian Formation Coordinator across multiple churches might be effective.
    • Building of the church community through:
      • Fellowship dinners
      • Men’s Fellowship
      • Women’s Fellowship
      • Youth Activities
      • Retreats
      • Fundraising events (i.e. Fall Food Fair, Time and Talent Auction).
      • Having fun together!  Nourishing each other so that we can help to nourish others.
    • Communicating effectively using a variety of media


Having recognized our gift(s), the call and being equipped we now need to be encouraged as we are sent to the mission field:

  • Consider expanding the use our physical plant as a Neighbourhood Hub which currently serves:
    • Wells Salvation Church
    • Queensway West Montessori School
    • Prostate Cancer Canada Network
    • 123rd Ottawa Scouts
    • Al-Anon
    • Music/Jazz Series
  • Provide time and support for parishioners to regularly share their faith journeys so as to encourage others in theirs
  • Encourage more active involvement of parishioners in our outreach projects in addition to giving financially
  • Encourage larger and more active participation of parishioners in our neighbourhood outreach programs.
  • Use examples from our “mission field” as practical lessons for the “Called” part of our vision